“Bale is back” – Tottenham fans amazed by his form against Burnley

Tottenham Hotspur scored four goals in the victory over Burnley, while Gareth Bale has overjoyed the Spurs fans in the match which he started as a starter.

The English winger was involved in four of his team goals, two of which he scored himself, one assisted and in another he was the action builder.

68 seconds of play were enough to unlock the result, while the scorer was Bale (2 ‘), who was assisted by Heung-Min Son.

(Photo: Instagram / garethbale11)

A long super-assist from the 31-year-old towards Harry Kane (15 ‘) resulted in a doubling of the lead for the Spurs.

Bale was also involved in the action of the third goal, which was scored by Lucas Moura in the 31st minute.

(Photo: Instagram / garethbale11)

In the second half (55 ‘), Bale closed the final score in the best way by scoring a beautiful goal after an assist by Son Heung-Min.

It is expected to be seen in the following matches whether this moment will mark the return of Gareth Bale to his former form. / Telegraphy /


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