Boris Johnson considers the decision for Chelsea and Man City to leave the European Super League to be fair

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has praised Chelsea and Manchester City for working to get out of the European Super League.

The Prime Minister said that this duo has made a “completely right decision” and called on the remaining four English clubs to follow their example.

The European Super League looks set to be ruined by the dramatic turnaround of Chelsea and Man City, while Arsenal seem determined to follow suit.

The Prime Minister has praised the two clubs that have left the Super League

The Prime Minister had signaled his readiness to bring in new legislation to block the movement of clubs towards that league.

“The decision by Chelsea and Manchester City is – if confirmed – absolutely right and I congratulate them on that.”

“I hope that other clubs involved in the European Super League will follow their example,” he wrote.

It is also believed that Atletico Madrid has withdrawn, while Barcelona have said they will present the proposal to their fans before deciding. /Telegraph/

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