Chelsea fans in protest in front of “Samford Bridge” against the European Super League, Cech comes out to talk to them giving a promise

On Tuesday night, Chelsea fans protested near the “Stamford Bridge” after their club joined the European Super League.

The Blues are one of the 12 founding members of this tournament, and part of the ‘six big ones’ of the Premier League.

Before the match where Chelsea play against Brighton, the club’s fans made it clear that they were against the European Super League.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Stamford Bridge where there was also a confrontation near the entrance of the stadium where the club legend, Petr Cech, appeared.

He actually had to beg the fans to let the team bus enter the stadium after they had blocked the roads.

“Let the people decide, this is not the right thing to do. Let people in. Let the bus get inside. “Give time to people”, the former goalkeeper told the gathered fans.

It seems that many did not expect such an extreme reaction from the fans in response to the creation of the European Super League. /Telegraph/

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