Double cases from last week in the Premier League – 40 people infected with coronavirus

Cases of infection in the Premier League have doubled, as it is currently reported that the number has gone up to 40 of them.

With the number of people infected with the global pandemic rising, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned of radical quarantine measures.

Last week, there were 18 cases of coronavirus in the Premier League, while clubs continued to play.

The Premier League have revealed their latest set of results following their Covid testing

On December 28, 1,311 players and technical staff were tested, while there were 28 cases of COVID-19.

From January 1 to January 3, 984 players and technical staff were tested, resulting in 12 new cases.

In a statement from the Premier League, it is announced that they are taking all measures to reduce the cases of infection.

If the number of infected continues to rise, then football in England could be banned for two weeks. /telegraph/

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