“Even if we had a transfer ban, I would still be happy at Chelsea” – Tuchel talks about the summer transfer window

Chelsea have been linked with the transfer of Erling Haaland, Sergio Auero and several other players in recent weeks.

Thomas Tuchel insists that even if no transfer happens, he is happy with the players he has available for the London team.

The German coach who replaced the fired Frank Lampard, is breaking records at The Blues, as in 14 games at the top of the team, he has not lost yet.

“Honestly, if we have a transfer ban tomorrow, I would be a happy coach next season,” Tuchel told reporters. “So we can push this team to the limits and the next level, as we do. “But I have ideas, of course, I have ideas on how to improve this team maybe.”

“It’s very, very difficult because, first of all, we have a very strong group with a strong connection, which means we need great characters. “This is the most important thing because we have big boys in the locker room, and I do not allow anyone to destroy it and have a bad influence there.”

“It’s not like an enigma when you take out one piece and put the other piece. This is a complex situation, any transfer market. “So I’m absolutely calm at the moment because of course we have some ideas, some profiles, maybe we think we can add to this group to make maybe a little bit more competitive, more opportunities.”

“It’s another strange situation with the pandemic all over the world. It is necessary that we as a club adapt and be patient. Is there even a market? How does it look? What can we invest in? Are there even opportunities to generate money? Is there any interest for our players? ”

“Do other clubs have the capacity to buy players from us? Are we able to buy and do we want to? So the situation is not clear and so for me, it is better to be patient and I agree with the club in this so as not to lose our head “, added Tuchel. /Telegraph/


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