Five clubs that lose a lot of money from transfers and those that win – Manchester City, Manchester United and Barcelona at the top of the list

As of 2016, three clubs have the worst balance sheet in terms of purchases and sales, in the five major European leagues.

Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Manchester United are at the top of the list.

All three of these clubs have a negative balance when it comes to money generated from sales versus money spent on players bought, losing over € 400 million since the summer of 2016.

Manchester City has spent 1.006 billion euros on players, earning 375 million euros on players sold, which falls to a negative balance of 631 million euros, according to CIES.

Their local rivals, Manchester United, have a negative balance of 586 million euros, having spent 832 million euros and received only 246 million.

Barcelona is the biggest spender of the trio, having bought 1.171 billion euros since the summer of 2016, but they have also recovered 700 million euros in spending, having the smallest negative balance with 471 million euros.

PSG (loss: € 455 million) and Inter (€ 386 million) make up Europe’s top five biggest spenders in four and a half years.

Winning clubs

At the other end of the scale, it is the French clubs that are making the most of the transfer market. Lille have a positive balance of 191 million euros during this period, followed by Lyon with 155 million euros and then the Serie A club, Atalanta with 133 million euros.

AS Monaco with 132 million euros and Hoffenheim with 87 million euros, complete the top five teams that have received profit from transfers.

The team of La Liga that has used the transfers the best is Valencia, whose sales reach 359 million euros, while the purchases 292 million euros, having a profit of 67 million euros.

Atletico Madrid has a loss of 104 million euros, while Real Madrid, have a similar negative figure of 91 million euros.

The five European clubs with the worst balance

Club / Buy / Sell / Balance (figures in millions of euros)

Manchester City 1,006 / 375 / -631

Manchester United 832/246 / -586

Barcelona 1,171 / 700 / -471

Paris Saint Germain 854/399 / -455

Inter 664/278 / -386

The five European clubs with the best balance

Club / Buy / Sell / Balance (figures in millions of euros)

Lille (FRA) 252/443/191

Lyon (FRA) 348/499/151

Atalanta (ITA) 241/374/133

Monaco (FRA) 626/758/132

Hoffenheim (GER) 150/237/87

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