Guardiola mocks UEFA and FIFA: We should ask them to make the year 400 days

Speaking at the press conference before the Carabao Cup final, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has shown the priority of his team.

According to the Catalan coach, the Premier League title and the Champions League remain primary for Manchester City.

“We deserve to be in the final. The semifinals were tough and now we want to win. “We have an eye on the Champions League and then Crystal Palace for the Premier League.”

“Yes, we want to win the cup, but PSG is there and it will not be easy to beat them.

“The most important trophy? “The Premier League is the most important title, then the qualification for the Champions League, then it is the Champions League itself, then the FA Cup and then the League Cup, but we want to win every game,” he said.

He also touched on the European Super League, saying that football is a business and clubs want the best players.

“Everyone in their work has an important part of the business. Football is also business. All teams and fans want the best players… and for that they have to buy them. The chapter is already closed. “All the clubs have made their statements.”

Guardiola also complained about the match schedule, which according to him is only growing, ironically with UEFA and FIFA.

“We will have to ask FIFA or UEFA to extend the year to 400 days instead of 365 to play more games. I am not an expert in the Champions League, I just want to reduce the schedule and have more time between matches. Those who decide are the others, I say my opinion. “If they decide we have to play another 10 games, then we continue,” said Guardiola. /Telegraph/

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