He was not the team leader, but Fabian Delph made his voice heard in the City locker room

Amazon Prime has continued to publish excerpts from documentaries made inside and outside Manchester City.

The company has been making documentaries of various clubs for several years about how players and coaches react on the pitch and in the locker room.

One of the most notable players is former Manchester City member Fabian Delph, who now plays for Everton.

While he was part of Citizens, the defender had made his voice heard in the club locker room or even when they were guests.

In a moment, it can even be seen when Pep Guardiola listens to his analysis of the matches.

Recall that Delph was transferred to City from Aston Villa in 2015 for 11 million euros, while in 2019 he moved to Everton for nine million. /Telegraph/


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