Klopp plans transfer of Mbappes – Liverpool ready to ‘gift’ the Frenchman to the German coach

Jurgen Klopp is set to transfer Kylian Mbappen from Paris Saint-Germain.

The French star has admitted in several interviews that the game that Liverpool played under the orders of the German coach, attracts him quite a lot.

According to the Daily Express, Klopp wants to transfer Mbappen, making him the main player of his team.

Liverpool have already seen what the Germans can do with few transfers, which can realize the desire to transfer the winner of the World Cup.

But, the English club knows that it will not be easy to get Mbappen, as Real Madrid is in the race for him.

On the other hand is PSG who does not want to let go of the player so easily to leave the Princes’ Park.

In this case, Mbappe will determine his future that he wants to transfer, or even stay at the Ligue 1 champions.telegraph/


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