Liverpool do not get more than one point against Fulham

Liverpool did not manage to get more than one point in the meeting against Fulham within the 12th week in the Premier League.

After just 25 minutes of play, the locals took the lead through Bobby Reid, catching The Reds by surprise.

Liverpool started to recover, but Fulham was careful in the defensive phase, not allowing space.

In the second half, Jurgne Klopp demanded more commitment from his players, and the pressure started to increase.

The reigning champions won a penalty in the 79th minute, which was converted into a goal by Mohamed Salah, to equalize the figures at 1-1.

After the 12th week, Liverpool continues to be in second place with 25 points, as much as Topttenham has as a leader, until in the 13th round it meets exactly Spurs. /telegraph/

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