Liverpool must pay record compensation to Fulham for Harvey Elliott

Liverpool have been asked to pay a fee of 7 1.7 million to Fulham for young Englishman Harvey Elliott.

The teenager was transferred to the Reds when he was 16 in 2019, and a court was set to determine the fee owed to the London club.

The fee is not as much as Fulham had expected, given the prices for comparable players being transferred from the Championship to Premier League teams.

However, the ‘Cottagers’ stated that they were ‘very pleased’ with the record fee for a 16-year-old.

“According to the Youth Development Rules, the Professional Football Compensation Committee (PFCC) has a duty to assess the appropriate compensation for a player who leaves an academy at the end of his enrollment, if the parties cannot agree on the figure.” .

“After a full hearing, the PFCC has decided that Fulham should be entitled to substantive compensation.”

“The award is a record amount for a 16-year-old player and, in the circumstances, Fulham is very pleased and thanks the PFCC for the careful consideration of the arguments we present,” Fulham said in a statement. / Telegraphy /

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