Liverpool players annoyed with new training space at Windy Harbor – prefer Melwood

Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool players are not happy with the new training center in Kirkby that cost over 50 million euros.

It features two large areas, two gyms, a swimming pool, a hydration center and a special rehabilitation room.

Another outdoor dining area overlooking the fields makes it a beautiful piece, there is even a sandy field for playing volleyball, with players joking with Alisson Becker, Gabinhon and Roberto Firmino that it is specially dedicated to them. them.

However, players are not liking those spaces and it is reported that they would rather return to Melwood than stay trump.

It has nothing to do with the conditions found there, but the winds are strong and frequent in that part, as in England the weather is always changeable and has lower temperatures.

Players are hating the fact that there are a lot of strong winds there and it is impossible for them to train normally.

Maybe this has also affected their form, as they are currently fighting for a place in the top four.

At Melwood, in their last 13 games, they have won 10, drawn two and lost just one – to Atletico Madrid.

In Kirkby, in the last 13 games, Liverpool have won four games, drawn twice and lost seven of them. /Telegraph/

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