Manchester United could transfer Jadon Sanchon earlier than expected

Manchester United appear to be determined to complete the transfer of Jadon Sanchos sooner than anticipated.

The Red Devils demanded the services of the English winger from Borussia Dortmund, but failed to realize the agreement last summer.

According to what the journalist reports i Sky Sport Germany, Raphael Honigstein, United is expected to reach an agreement with Sanchon very soon.

Even, the transfer can be completed before the end of this edition, but that the player will move to Old Trafford only in the summer of this year.

“Everyone in Dortmund knows that nothing will happen in January,” Honigstein said. “The player is not insisting on a move, there is a very clear agreement that transfers of that size to Dortmund will only take place during the summer.”

“It was a big transfer announced in January two years ago. This was Christian Pulisic [për Chelsean]. But, do not forget that his agreement was the agreement for the summer “.

“So no one is stopping United, if they went and felt really safe, to say, ‘let’s make this deal now, let’s make sure we get in now.’ And maybe then announce it in late January. “This is naturally possible.”

“We just have not seen or heard anything to suggest that they are really ready and willing to return to that negotiation at the moment. “I think everyone in Dortmund has no illusions that the player wants to leave.”

Sancho’s transfer is expected to cost Manchester United around 120 million euros, which will be a record transfer in the Premier League. /Telegraph/

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