Mourinho erupts after defeat accusing referee: It was just a penalty for an Arsenal fan

Arsenal won the London derby against Tottenham Hotspur in a fantastic match held at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners won 2-1, in a challenge that Erik Lamela put the visitors ahead before Martin Odegaard equalized in the first half and Alexandre Lacazette scored from the penalty spot for 2-1.

But after the match there were serious allegations against match referee Michael Olivier for the penalty awarded in Arsenal’s favor.

Tottenham Hotspur Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho stated after the match that VAR had not intervened after the referee said he had clearly seen the penalty.

“The judge said that he saw the images clearly and the VAR did not have to intervene. “I only had a feeling from the bench, I was very far away, but then I saw the images at the end of the match once again”, said Mourinho.

The Portuguese further stated that if anyone thinks it was the penalty he is an Arsenal fan.

“The work of the referees is sometimes not easy, but if one thinks it is a penalty, one must necessarily be a big Arsenal fan.”

“This is the only way I would accept such an opinion, the episode seems so clear to me,” Mourinho declared after the match. / Telegraphy /

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