New Champions League format could force state leagues to reduce number of clubs

Europe’s top clubs are pushing for change in Europe’s biggest football competition.

These clubs have often threatened to introduce a European Super League that would increase financial revenue and viewer interest.

Many clubs have already gone to UEFA trying to reach an agreement, creating a situation similar to the 1990s, when then the Champions League that is currently in place was finally created.

If the project were to be realized, it would of course have an effect on the local championships where the clubs come from.

The main clubs want to continue with their competitions in the championship, but the priority remains accommodation in the new Super League.

This will mean reducing the number of clubs in championship competitions or the need for new formats.

UEFA and FIFA have always supported the idea that the leagues do not have more than 18 teams and this is the proposal they have made for each new competition.

La Liga is one of the leagues that has always been against reducing team numbers (20).

Possibility of groups of six teams

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin understands the concerns of the clubs, but aims to introduce a new format of the Champions League in the summer of 2024.

The change that will be made will bring more matches, with groups of six teams each (10 minimum group matches) with 36 participating teams instead of the current 32.

The format is not final however and may be adjusted in the coming months.

The main problem is in terms of money. The current price of the Champions League winner is 110 million euros, far from the 500 million that the winner of the Europa League is supposed to have.

The offer is currently on the table and if an agreement is reached, shortening the calendar in the current championships will be necessary.Telegraph/

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