Only four days in the testing phase – how did Everton refuse to transfer Haaland

Everton once turned down the opportunity to sign Erling Haaland after he completed a four-day testing phase with the club.

The Borussia Dortmund striker was part of Norwegian club Bryne when he was invited by the English to train with their academy.

However, Ian Atkins (head of Everton’s talent recruitment until 2016) has explained to the Liverpool Echo why the club turned down the possibility of transferring Haaland, admitting: “It was he who left Everton.”

Rejecting a player who has now scored 18 goals in 13 appearances in the Champions League when he is only 20 years old and worth over 100 million euros, can be said to have been the wrong decision.

But Atkins clarifies that there were rumors on the club board that it was not worth spending on a talent that at the time was suspected of having a future in football.

Everton, of course, will be sorry to have released a player from their hand, as at least they would now benefit from a mountain of money from his sale.

Haaland could move to the Premier League as early as this summer, as it is reported that Chelsea has set him as the main target. /Telegraph/

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