“Removal of the season” – Saiss does not score in the empty net from a distance and becomes viral on social networks

Romain Saiss missed one of the most ideal chances of the day, as his shot went wide of the crossbar.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers have equalized on the road to Aston Villa without goals (0-0) in the game of the 27th week in the Premier League.

However, the Wolves could take a big win and climb the table, as if Saiss was more accurate.

The guest player has made one of the biggest misses of the season, not to mention the biggest.

Saiss was about a meter away from the goal line and at the empty gate failed to score.

The Moroccan representative was unable to put the ball into the net and his shot went over the crossbar.

This lost occasion caused Saiss to put his hands on his head and lie on the ground not trusting his eyes nor himself who missed this ideal occasion.

Saiss did not believe he missed that opportunity

Needless to say, this lost case from Saiss has caused fans to constantly write on social media and go viral.

“Honestly it was harder to lose,” one user wrote in Twitter.

“Lifting the season by a mile. How did you lose it? ”Wrote another user.

“Hahaha it is impressive !! “How the hell did he get it?” Wrote another. / Telegraphy /


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