Revealed why 12 clubs want to form the European Super League: Revenue is stratospheric

It is reported that 12 major European clubs are supporting the formation of the European Super League.

From this competition, not only the big clubs would benefit millions of euros, but also the small ones.

According to what he reports The Gazzetta dello Sport, DAZN is willing to take all the TV rights with a fat amount.

The international company is said to have provided about five billion euros in revenue to the participating clubs.

This amount will be divided between clubs from: Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, while Ligue 1 and Bundesliga are still in dilemma.

UEFA has reacted harshly about the formation of this league, but the 12 big European clubs support the idea.

The biggest house of European football is making changes in the format of the Champions League, but has threatened the clubs that they will be severely punished, until the players who play there will not be able to represent international clubs. /Telegraph/

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