Roy Keane shows the weaknesses of Bruno Fernandes – player of penalties, not of big matches

Roy Keane has finally given his opinion about the game he is playing at Manchester United.

The Red Devils legend has said that the Portuguese midfielder can score many goals from penalties, but he has to show himself in big matches.

Keane points out that Fernandes has to show himself to be a big match player and not just be of the moment.

“You know that Fernandes has had a lot of praise and in recent months people have compared him to Cantona, etc.,” Keane told Sky Sports.

“But Cantona-Fernandes did not really do much (against Liverpool). The main players appear on big occasions. This is what the Cantonas did, to get the trophies in their hands. “And this is where this team is a little rigid.”

“They should probably have one or two other players coming into the squad without a doubt and the mentality, maybe they need the confidence to win a semi-final to get them on the line. “Then you get momentum.”

Keane found someone who shared a view similar to talkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara.

“Bruno Fernandes, I’m looking at his performance thinking: ‘Come on, you can score a lot of penalties, but in those big moments if you want to win the championship you have to grow a little bit more’. “He is missing in these big games.”

“I’m not saying he was not absolutely fantastic for them, but if you want to be a team that wins the Premier League, you have to produce in those big games.”

“This is the difference between him and a player like Kevin de Bruyne, who you know will appear in every single game,” added Keane. /Telegraph/

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