Sheringham: Kane is the number 9 best in the world, every club in the world would like him

England and Tottenham Hotspur legend Teddy Sheringham has said that Harry Kane is the number 9 best in the world and that every club in the world wants him if he ever becomes available.

Many believe that winning trophies will be sought in north London so that the ‘precious assets’ of the team remain at the club.

England captain Kane has admitted in the past that personal ambition will force him to weigh his options at a stage if success remains elusive.

Sheringham believes Jose Mourinho will have to win trophies this season in order for the team’s key player to stay, as a large number of rivals are willing to spend for Kane if he becomes available.

“If Harry Kane becomes available or if he wants to leave Tottenham, he can go anywhere in the world,” Sheringham initially told CardsChat.

“I think every club in the world would want him as their number 0. I think he is very good. “I think he is No. 9 best in the world.”

“So Tottenham have to keep it, Tottenham have to win trophies to keep it. “If they do not do this, who knows where it may end up.” / Telegraph /

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