Supercomputer predicts Premier League standings at end of season – Lots of surprises in the standings

According to a prediction of a supercomputer for the final ranking of the Premier League, Liverpool will win the championship again this season, while despairing the rankings of Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal.

We are only 14 games played so far this season in the Premier League, but it already looks like the race will be closer than last year, when Jurgen Klopp’s side lost 18 points to City fans.

So far this run their lead over second-placed Leicester City is just four points, and could be less if Manchester United can win their game against the champions.

However even with the title race likely to be tighter this season, the Reds will again win the championship.

This is according to the medium The Sun, who by means of a supercomputer has predicted the final table of the league for this season.

Liverpool, Leicester, United and Chelsea will certainly be happy with their positions, as they will secure a place that sends them to the Champions League.

Current and final ranking according to The Sun.

Southampton and Everton will undoubtedly be very pleased with their results in fifth and sixth place, but some teams at the top will not be at all happy.

Jose Mourinho’s Spurs, having been title contenders just a few weeks ago, are in seventh place and Pep Guardiola’s City is even further away from their rivals in eighth.

In the end, Mikel Arteta will be very happy when he discovers that his team will not go down from the category, but let’s be honest, a finish in 16th place is not what the Gunners want.

Interestingly, the supercomputer thinks that Fulham will be able to escape the relegation and that Sheffield United will go down to the Championship, while along with them the WBA and Burnley will also go down. / Telegraph /

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