Suspended European Super League: Why English clubs withdrew and what happened to them in UEFA

Until an ambitious project for football was seen, 12 clubs decided on Sunday last week to create the European Super League.

However, within 48 hours, their secret engagement was shattered by fans starting to take to the streets.

The first to announce their departure from the project of creating the newest football competition were the six clubs from the Premier League.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, announced that they are no longer part of the European Super League.

Pressure from their fans and from 14 other Premier League clubs prompted the six clubs to leave on Tuesday night.

After them left Inter, Atletico Madrid and Milan, while Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona remained.

Clubs from the Premier League are reportedly not going to let this go so easily and are seeking to punish the six clubs that betrayed the league concept.

While there is a positive spirit, apologizing on the part of the six clubs, it may be decided by the Football Association of England to proceed further with.

What will happen to the clubs in UEFA

The president of the biggest house of European football, Aleksander Ceferin has welcomed the resignation of the clubs from the Premier League.

He has said that it is not too late for those who have repented and that they will try to look forward together.

Ceferin has asked them to contribute even more from now on in European competitions and to continue together. /Telegraph/

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