The football revolution in terms of contracts: You do not need an agent to close a big deal – some players now do the work themselves

The signing of Kevin de Bruyne’s new contract with Mancheser City on April 7 was a major turning point in football, as the player had no agent with him.

The Belgian had negotiated and signed the five-year contract himself, following a trend set by Raheem Sterling and Joshua Kimmich, who had done so earlier.

Will this make the role of agents drastically limited? MARCA has done a study talking to several parties about this.

Sports psychologist Lorena Cos explains why some players are choosing not to include agents in their contracts.

“For them to decide not to have an agent is because of the trust and security they have in themselves and in their environment, but in some cases also for fear that their value will not be well represented,” she said. .

The example of De Bruyne

Not using an agent, De Bruyne turned to analysis technology.

Through ‘TransferLab’, which used ‘Big Data’ technology, he was able to process his transfer value in order to ensure that his value was well represented in his contract negotiations.

However, Luis Carlos Fernandez, of IS Sports, believes that De Bruyne case does not prove that data analysis technology is the way of the future.

“De Bruyne has justified his renewal based on some data, but I do not trust them all.”

“He has secured the contract because he is very good and Manchester City can pay him.”

“We all use Big Data, clubs, players and agents, but what is most appreciated is that players do imaginary things that cannot be measured by numbers,” he said.

Instead, he believes agents will remain a key factor in contract negotiations.

“After all, what has the most weight in the negotiations is for the agency to have a number of key players. “The prevailing model will be that of the agencies”, he declared.

Agents will remain important

The view that the role of agents will still remain vital is shared by agent Jose Manuel Espejo.

“Footballers should be one hundred percent focused on football.”

“The agent provides economic security. He maximizes the player’s career because he understands this environment.

“The footballer does not know how this market works, while the agent does,” said Espejo.

Family members

A significant number of professional footballers are represented by family members.

Lionel Messi is represented by his father Jorge, while Sergio Ramos is represented by his brother Rene.

It is understood that De Bruyne, Sterling and Kimmich are in the minority, as the vast majority of footballers are represented by agents.

However, recent actions, together with the growth of technology platforms such as ‘TransferLab’, will probably change this trend, but it remains to be seen whether the overall trend will change.Telegraph/

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