The reaction of the British Prime Minister regarding the European Super League

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has said that his government will work with the football authorities to deal with the controversial project of the European Super League.

“We will see everything we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this initiative does not go the way it is currently proposed.”

“I do not think it is good news for the fans, I do not think it is good news for football in this country,” Johnson told Sky Sports.

“These clubs are not just great global brands. There are also clubs that have historical origins from their cities, their local communities. They need to have a connection to those fans in those communities. “It’s very important that it continues to be so.”

“I do not like the look of these proposals and we will consult on what we can do,” he said.

Six clubs from the Premier League have confirmed their participation in this new European competition.

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