The time when Fabregas defeated Willian and Pedron in the speed test using intelligence

Wing strikers Willian and Pedro may be faster than Cesc Fabregas on paper, but the Spaniard had beaten his two former Chelsea team-mates in training during a test of speed and dexterity.

In an intricate workout at Cobham Training Center, the three players competed against each other in a race of speed and dexterity.

This race was won by the Spanish star, Fabregas, who proved to be smarter and faster than Willian and Pedro.

As you can see in the pictures below, Fabregas makes wise decisions all the time, taking the puppy in such a way as to avoid the need to make any drastic change of direction. Willian and Pedro, meanwhile, are shocked by the result.

This video simply shows that rhythm is not everything – especially on the football field.

Fabregas, who now plays in France for Ligue 1 team AS Monaco, posted the clip on his official website at Instagram and quickly went viral.

“Are they really faster than me?” “The day I beat Pedro and William in the speed game!” Fabregas wrote. / Telegraphy /

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