Tottenham with bravos action: Launches their stadium to vaccinate citizens against COVID-19

Tottenham have come up with another great move, releasing their stadium into the hands of UK medical staff.

Spurs have informed authorities that they are ready to vacate their home for medical staff who have already started vaccinating the population against coronavirus.

Cases of COVID-19 have begun to escalate further in the UK, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing there will be tough quarantine measures.

Tottenham's stadium could be used as a supplementary centre for the Covid vaccine

Unlike citizens who will be isolated and unable to move for no reason, the Premier League has reached an agreement with the authorities that the matches be played.

But that has not stopped Tottenham from offering their stadium to medical staff to vaccinate citizens with the global pandemic vaccine.

A view from the players tunnel inside the NHS maternity clinic back in April last year

Some clubs already have players and technical staff infected with coronavirus like, Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, and some others. /telegraph/

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