Tuchel after embarrassing loss from WBA: I do not know why the collapse occurred, we are all to blame for the result

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has admitted he was surprised by their collapse after losing 5-2 at home to West Brom.

The Blues conceded deep home defeats by the WBA and stopped the loss-free series of new coach, Tuchel.

“There are two games, 11 against 11 and then 11 against 10. You do not need to concede five goals when you have our quality, that is for sure, but we are all guilty. “I am also involved”, Tuchel said initially after the match.

“We could not adapt to the situation which was a surprise while we were leading. We normally have enough confidence to defend ourselves, but we were clumsy and continued to make big mistakes. “We were severely punished and it is difficult to digest.”

“I did not see the red card, I saw the two big mistakes in our half before the yellow cards. This is not typical for us, we were rusty. We made slight mistakes and were punished. “It was entirely our fault.”

“I did not see that we were reacting in the second half. We tried to give some reassurance to the three defenders, but we were never up to date. “We had some opportunities but we did not defend well.”

“The WBA had nothing so much until the red card came. After that we were not able to cope with the situation. I do not know why. We donated two very easy goals. “What could go wrong went wrong after the red card.”

“We have to accept the big loss. We made big mistakes in front of two yellow cards. There was a lot of easy ball loss. “It was impossible for us to accept the situation.”

“Every shot was a goal from them. Clearly it was not our day today. We will get the right answer. First of all it is important to digest it. “I did not see him coming, now we have to take our responsibilities – including me”, concluded the coach of Bluve. / Telegraphy /


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