Van Persie reveals behind the scenes: Arsenal block transfer to Juventus before joining United

Dutch legend Robin van Persie has revealed that he turned the air blue when he pressed to leave Arsenal for Manchester United.

After winning just one FA Cup during that time, Van Persie got tired and wanted to transfer to a team with more chances to win trophies.

As a result, he switched to rivals Manchester United in the summer of 2012, where he won the Premier League in his first season at Old Trafford.

Speaking with Dutch presenter, Kaj Gorgels, on his official channel at YouTube, Van Persie showed the chaos of the last few days he experienced as a Gunners player.

“At Arsenal, I did not feel like we were at the right level to compete,” said Van Persie.

“One day, the president of Arsenal showed me how healthy the club was by showing me their positive numbers.”

“I told him: ‘I do not care about these numbers, I want to win the Premier League trophy.’

Van Persie also admitted he was close to a move to Juventus ahead of United, but Arsenal chairman at the time, Peter Hill-Wood, did not allow it to happen.

“We felt it would be better to leave for a club outside England, the deal with Juventus was closed.”

“But the Arsenal president was stubborn against Juventus. “I told him my other two options were Manchester United or Manchester City.”

“My departure from Arsenal to Manchester United is still a sensitive issue in England. But I wanted to win, I just wanted to win. “And I had to risk it,” concluded the Dutchman. / Telegraph /

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