Woodward’s resignation is expected to make a big difference at United – starting with Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United vice-president Ed Woodward will leave at the end of the year and the role of club legend Sir Alex Ferguson may change as a result.

Since retiring in 2013, Ferguson has acted as the club’s ambassador and director at Old Trafford, but it has been suggested that some at the club want him to have a bigger role after Woodward’s departure.

The legendary coach was not advised before United came to co-found a new European Super League, with Woodward instead of saying a word, going so far as to leave his role in UEFA to take on a vice-role in the competition. re.

Ferguson expressed his disapproval of the idea and urged United not to get involved in the idea.

After only 48 hours, the idea of ​​forming the European Super League has remained only on paper, as the six big clubs from the Premier League confirmed their resignation.

With the departure of Woodward, Ferguson is expected to be at the helm of United and establish a new rule at the club, with which they can return to triumph in the Premier League and European competitions. /Telegraph/


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