Arsenal and the players are ready to reach a salary reduction agreement

Arsenal players have agreed to a pay cut after accepting an offer for a bonus that they will win if they qualify for the Champions League.

According to The Mirror , Arsenal players are determined to agree a 12.5 percent pay cut – after being offered a qualifying bonus plan in the Champions League.

They will receive their refunded money if they qualify for next season’s Champions League – plus a mij√ę 100,000 bonus.

And, moreover, they are being offered 500 thousand each if they win the Champions League in 2021 or 100 thousand pounds each if they win the Europa League.

The deal recently created by Arsenal also means that if they qualify for the Champions League for the 2021-22 season, then they will get all their money.

Arsenal are now set to become the first Premier League club to agree a pay cut, which will see them agree to a 12.5 percent pay cut for the entire year, from April 2020 to 2020. in March 2021.


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