Coronavirus effect: After falling football prices, these are the 10 most valuable clubs in the world

Football is currently suspended almost all over the world due to coronavirus.

The pandemic that has affected the globe has caused the prices of footballers from all over the world to fall significantly.

But the drop in footballers’ prices has led to changes in the ranking of the most valuable teams in the world.

Weeks ago it was Liverpool at the top in terms of the teams with the highest value in the world, but after the pandemic things have changed and now Manchester City is in the first position.

England’s reigning champions are in first place with a value of one billion euros, leaving Liverpool in second place with 966 million euros.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have also suffered a drop, as Madrid have moved up to third place with a value of 888 million euros, standing about 30 million ahead of their Catalan rivals.

Fifth place belongs to PSG with a value of 843 million, while in sixth place is Bayern Munich with about 100 million euros worth less.

Atletico Madrid is in seventh place with 709 million euros, leaving behind Tottenham Hotspur with 699 million.

The two teams that have suffered the most declines are Chelsea and Manchester United, which have dropped from fifth and sixth to ninth and 10th.

The value of the Chelsea footballers costs 679 million euros, while in United the value of the players reaches the figure of 646 million euros.

  1. Man City 1,022 billion
  2. Liverpool 966 million
  3. Real Madrid 888 million
  4. Barcelona 852 million
  5. PSG 843 million
  6. Bayern Munich 756 million
  7. Atletico Madrid 709 million
  8. Tottenham Hotspur 699 million
  9. Chelsea 679 million
  10. Man Utd 646 million

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