A large number of stars that Wenger almost signed with them at Arsenal: Messi, Cristiano, Pique … and finally Mbappe

The famous French coach, Arsene Wenger, has shown how much he was part of Arsenal, was very close or had signed with some of the current football stars.

Initially he talked about Kylian Mbappen, who has become the man of the moment in European football.

“I was at his house when he was undecided on whether to extend his contract with Monaco. “He could have come to Arsenal for free,” Wenger told beIN Sports.

Sky Sports has recalled several other occasions when the coach talked about possible signings that were never made, and the list of players is long.

“We wanted Cesc Fabregas, [Gerard] Piquen and [Lionel] “Messin, but in the end only one came.”

“There was a time when they all played together at Barcelona, ​​but only Messi stayed there.”

“We tried to get all three, but only one came. “Mainly because of the agents.”

But not just Messi, as Arsenal were close to even their biggest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He was here with his mother and we were very close. “But Manchester United came, who had Carlos Quieroz as their assistant.”

“They played against him against Sporting [CP]; Ronaldo shone and they signed with him.

It was also Cristiano Ronaldo who supported this story, saying that he was only one step away from Arsenal and that he highly values ​​them as a club.

Another signature was Jamie Vardy. Wenger claims he “offered him a lot of money, but Leicester did not want to lose him”.

The last of the big names was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who as a 17-year-old was at the club but refused to test. /Telegraph/


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