Adama Traore reveals ‘secret’ to his bodily transformation within a few years – no weight gain

Adama Traore is already known for his impressive physique and few had thought he would turn into such a player.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers winger has made a body with many muscles that many defenders are not able to stop, thanks to his speed.

For this not insignificant achievement, Traore has told about the diet she strictly adheres to and the food she consumes.

“My whole gym consists of personal trainer advice. “But I do not gain weight. My genetics have made my muscles grow a lot,” said the Spaniard.

“I take other examples. “Every person has to adapt to what suits them.”

“I do a lot of crucial things,” he said. The secret is to get to know your body and adjust your training to your physical condition. ”

Traore also found that diet is essential in its development.

“I gained muscle with exercise, rest and food. “Food is essential and I consider it a very important part of exercise.”

“Water – although I do not drink much in matches – is vital. “Maintaining a water level in the body is essential for an athlete.”

“I try to change the amount of dishes and have a varied, healthy and balanced diet.”

“I can eat a little mix of foods, as well as a typical Malian dish. With sauce and brown rice.

“Everything was done by my mother, who is the best cook in the world. “Then, like all athletes, I also throw a lot of Italian pasta.”

Traore – who lubricates his arms to stop opponents from catching him – also explained that his work in the gym was created to prevent injuries. /Telegraph/

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