Arsenal fans can not believe that no penalty was awarded after Burnley Pieters touched the ball with his hand

Arsenal fans are surprised that their team failed to take a penalty in the second half against Burnley after the ball clearly hit the outstretched hand of defender Erik Pieters.

Arsenal have not achieved more than a 1-1 draw in the trip to Burnley in the 27th week of the Premier League.

However, the London team could have won at the end of the second half if the referee had awarded the penalty.

It was Nicolas Pepe, who inside the area tried to cross towards Pieters, who clearly touched the ball with his hand, but despite the powerful call for a penalty, the referee was silent.

The VAR even considered the decision – but “proximity” was the reason for the lack of a shot from the penalty spot.

This decision has surprised all the fans, especially those of Arsenal, who by no means agree with this decision, especially after the end of the equalizer. / Telegraphy /

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