Being banned from entering Germany, Liverpool risk losing 3-0 to RB Leipzig

Just as 2020 was a difficult year in the world of football due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so is 2021.

At least for the English giant Liverpool, as these are having trouble entering Germany to play the elimination match directly in the Champions League against RB Leipzig.

German media have reported a few moments ago that Liverpool has made a special request to enter Germany for the development of the first match with the German club.

But this request of the reigning champions of England has been rejected by the German state that has introduced Great Britain in the red zone due to the large number of cases with the new variant of the coronavirus.

The first option was to hold the first match at ‘Anfield’, but this was rejected by Liverpool.

The second option is for the match between Leipzig and Liverpool to be played in St Petersburg, Russia, or Budapest, Hungary, countries with fewer COVID-19 chances.

If one of the two options is not achieved, then the third is for Leipzig to come out on the field and if the visiting team does not show up, then the German club wins the game at the table with a score of 3-0.

The two clubs are in constant contact with the biggest house of European football UEFA and the two English and German federations to find the best option. / Telegraphy /

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