De Bruyne demands unity from all clubs in his reaction to the European Super League

Kevin de Bruyne has become the latest player to come out against the European Super League project.

James Milner and Jordan Henderson did the same at Liverpool, while Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes was the first to come out against the new race.

“This man comes from a small village in Belgium and dreams of playing at the highest possible levels,” De Bruyne wrote.

“I played in the Belgian, German and English leagues. “I worked and played against everyone to win as much as possible.”

“But the most important thing in football is competition. “With all the things that are happening lately, it is best for everyone to come together and work for a solution.”

“To continue to inspire the new generations of footballers and make the fans dream”, added the Belgian midfielder.

Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, became the first clubs out of 12 to end the European Super League project. /Telegraph/

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