Eric Cantona says he has no regrets about hitting the ‘kung-fu’ fan

Eric Cantona was an outstanding player, but his career as a professional footballer will always be remembered for his actions on January 25, 1995.

Manchester United traveled to Selhurst Park to play Crystal Palazen in their Premier League match.

Cantona started for his team that day, but he would not play for 90 minutes.

Eric Cantona

An irritated Cantona then shook the world when he in kung-fu style hit a Palaces fan, until he was punished with a red card.

Cantona reacted after Matthew Simmons, a Palaces fan, ran down 11 rows of stairs to insult him on racial grounds.

The Frenchman was then suspended from football for eight months and received fines worth 30,000 thousand euros.

Eric Cantona

Speaking to a new film titled ‘United Road’, Cantona told the Daily Mail: “I have been insulted thousands of times and I have never reacted, but sometimes you are fragile.

“I am just sorry. I wish I had violated it even harder. I was detained for nine months. “They wanted me to be an example.”

Cantona could have been banned for longer after being photographed playing in a friendly behind closed doors for United, but escaped punishment. /Telegraph/

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