Klopp admits Liverpool’s atmosphere is not the best and admits the ‘top 4’ is a big challenge

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits they face a major challenge to finish in the top four this season.

Liverpool won the Premier League title with an 18-point lead last season, but they currently find themselves in sixth place, and Klopp says it will be a “big challenge” to finish in the top four this time.

“It is certainly a big challenge. You just have to look at the points. “We are not very far, but it is still a distance,” Klopp said initially.

“We have to win as many games as possible and we will see at the end of the season, but it is a challenge.”

“This atmosphere is not the best we have had, but we all agree on the things we need to do.”

“We had good moments as well, but it is a very challenging time for this team. “These are the times when you have to show your true face and that’s what guys do.”

“We are working hard to bring him back and win football matches and you need positivity for that. “I am also responsible for my mood and I am in a good mood.”

“I am not happy about the situation, but it is a massive challenge and I prefer to face it in a positive way. “I see a lot of good things in our performance, but we know we did not get the results.”

“We try to influence as much as we can and the rest we have to accept. “I’m sure there are worse situations in the world than ours, so we have a positive atmosphere.” / Telegraphy /


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