Klopp: Players will not ask to leave if Liverpool do not qualify for the Champions League

Jurgen Klopp has insisted the players will not leave this summer if Liverpool fail to qualify for the Champions League.

The Reds are fighting in this edition for a place in the top four, until for them came the fourth loss at Anfield, now from Chelsea with a score of 1-0.

Klopp believes that his players will not leave the team even if they do not qualify for the big race for clubs in Europe.

“This club will not be out of the Champions League,” said the German coach.

“This year is difficult, we know it, but the potential and power of the club is completely different.”

“This is a season where you have to have momentum and we never got it, this is true. But, it does not say anything about the future, this club is in a really good position. In difficult times, of course, but in a better position than other clubs I would say.

“I understand what has happened in the past, but what I can say [është se] “Nobody should worry about the future of the club because it is in good hands and we have a really good team together.”

“This is definitely the best basis for a good future together,” Jurgen Klopp added.

Liverpool is currently in seventh place with 43 points, four less than Chelsea which is in fourth. /Telegraph/


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