Liverpool fans can not understand why N’Golo Kante touching the ball was not a penalty

Liverpool fans are angry that they did not take a penalty against Chelsea – after N’Golo Kante touched the ball with his hand in the second half of the match.

The Reds were defeated by the Blues at Anfield with a minimum score of 1-0 thanks to a goal scored by Mason Mount in the first half.

However, even this, like many matches, did not go without ‘fuss’ and controversial cases.

Such is also the case of a hand touching the ball in the area by Kante, after a ball hit by Roberto Firmino.

Despite the clear touch of the ball with the hand by the French midfielder, the referee did not decide to award a penalty.

The referee’s decision has caused confusion, as fans are thinking that double standards are being used in the trial.

Earlier on Thursday evening it was seen that Fulham denied the draw against Tottenham due to a hand-touched ball by Mario Lemina, who had the open arm.

Fans have reacted to the decision and they think the reference standards in the Premier League are too weak now. / Telegraphy /

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