Maguire confronts Ed Woodward because of the European Super League

Harry Maguire faced Manchester United president Ed Woodward after a meeting in which the players shared their dissatisfaction with the European Super League.

The first applause of the European Super League started on Sunday afternoon, while the Red Devils were preparing to face Burnley in the Premier League.

After the match, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer became the first coach of a ‘big six’ club to be asked about the new race and the United coach did not have much to say, given that he would have learned the idea in social media.

According to Daily Mail, so all the players found out and they were not very happy about it, or the fact that the coach had not told them.

The players had a meeting on Monday with executive vice president Woodward in which the reception was cold, which is how I imagine everyone’s responses to the latter.

The report also claims that United captain Maguire faced the 49-year-old for handling the situation by the club and the players were somewhat lost.

There are currently 12 clubs that are founders of the European Super League and have already signed contracts. /Telegraph/

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