Should Liverpool make big changes this summer: From Klopp’s departure to the sale of two of the top three strikers and the activation of Thiago

Liverpool should not be embarrassed that they could not defend the title they won in the Premier League last season, however the change should be at “Anfield Road”, as things may go worse than they are.

Injuries have been the mainstay of the Liverpool season, with the worst suffered being Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez, who were ruled out for the rest of the season following ACL injuries.

This had forced Jurgen Klopp to use an improvised defender for most of the season, while in the two games against Real Madrid, the Liverpool defense duo were Ozan Kabak and Nat Phillips.

Doubts about Klopp and his possible departure

Several times this season Jurgen Klopp after the losses was seen emotional, leading many to believe that the German coach was close to leaving Anfield.

Liverpool have repeatedly reiterated their trust in the former Borussia Dortmund coach, but it would be logical to assume that they have worked and prepared for any eventuality if they part with Klopp.

Given his tremendous success so far at Anfield, the German deserves time to doubt and Liverpool have no chance of making the catastrophic mistake that Daniel Levy made of Tottenham when he ousted Maurizio Pochettino while he came in his place. Jose Mourinho.

Klopp’s replacement could be so detrimental to the club from Merseyside and the leadership from now on have to think about the funds that need to be allocated to the German coach to get some players for his team to refresh, although this could be a process painful.

The attacking trio must be split

This may sound ironic, but exactly what made Liverpool a European force under Klopp is actually threatening to knock the team to the ground.

Roberto Firmino’s form has been poor and has not scored, while questions about the partnership between Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah continue to be topical.

The trio is not as dynamic as it once was and with Diogo Jota already arriving, it may be time to allow two of these three to leave.

Mane is 29, Salah is 28 and Firmino is 29. Liverpool would be able to earn big numbers for each of them if they sell him this summer.

Much of the team rebuild was initially funded by the sale of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, ​​and allowing Salah or Mane to leave, say at Real Madrid, if Kylian Mbappe stays in Paris would give Klopp considerable money. to spend.

Jota would only do better, but Liverpool need a bright, energetic player who can be effective, a young Mane.

Ousmane Dembele could be a perfect fit if he refuses to sign a contract extension with Barcelona, ​​while Jadon Sancho could also be looking for a new club if Borussia Dortmund fail to qualify for the Champions League, although at this point Liverpool likely.

How to use Thiagon

Thiago Alcantara is Liverpool’s most talented player, and probably the most talented in the Premier League, but Klopp has not yet figured out how to make the best use of the Spaniard in his squad.

Having long been an admirer of the La Masia graduate since his time as opponents in the Bundesliga, Klopp finally got the man he loved last summer.

Defensive injuries have ruined The Reds midfield, as well as Thiago’s illnesses and injuries.

Thiago is a player who can make a team score, he did it with Bayern Munich for years.

Fans have been disappointed by his absence this season, but if Liverpool are to return again in the next edition, they need him at the heart of their midfield even if it means moving Jordan Henderson to a position to the right of midfield. .

This had happened to Steven Gerrard to accommodate Xabi Alonso when he arrived. /Telegraph/

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