The big salary Odegaard will earn during his five months at Arsenal

Martin Odegaard is officially an Arsenal player for the rest of the season and he could even make his debut this weekend against Manchester United.

Tired of waiting for opportunities under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane, he sought to leave in the winter term and Real Madrid secured a loan that would be profitable for him in London.

Odegaard will be rewarded a lot for the matches with the Arsenal jersey, as according to the Norwegian medium VG, he has reported that his salary will be 124,000 euros per week.

He will earn close to 2.5 million euros during his stay in England and that is more than he would have earned at Real Madrid.

Mikel Arteta was also the main factor that Odegaard said “yes” to this loan, with the Spanish coach calling the player personally.

He guaranteed the midfielder minutes that Zidane was not giving him.

Dani Ceballos had also told Odegaard good things about Art and that also helped.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, will earn € 2 million for the loan, as well as save Odegaard’s salary until June. / Telegraphy /

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