“The older, the better” – Olivier Giroud’s physical transformation has fascinated even Chelsea fans

Olivier Giroud’s crazy fitness regime has been revealed online after his winning goal against Atletico Madrid earlier this week.

The French striker scored in scissors style ahead of Jan Oblak to give Chelsea a vital lead in their Champions League match in the 1/8 final.

Now the 34-year-old continues to challenge age and perform at a high level for the club and the country.

Image Credit: PA

The Sun report proves that the player is doing hard work to stay longer at his best.

Giroud avoids all processed foods and oils in his diet, staying strictly on fruits and vegetables alongside other foods like, chicken and fish.

His breakfast consists of smaller meals such as egg whites.

Lunch tends to be a salad with chicken or tuna and pasta in an effort to stay fit, while bananas are a snack.

The most delicious meal will be a thin cut of steak.

However, not everything is on the diet and Giroud spends much of his free time in the gym, either on the Chelsea pitch or at home. /Telegraph/


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