The Premier League enables the referees to discuss and decide with the captains the suspension of the match during iftar time

The Premier League will encourage all referees responsible for evening matches during Ramadan to discuss the topic of fasting at their pre-match meeting of captains.

Referees are encouraged to speak to the captains before the start so that matches can be interrupted to allow Muslim players to break the fast at an appropriate time.

On Monday evening, Leicester City and Crystal Palace agreed pre-match with referee Graham Scott that there would be a half-hour break in their match to allow Wesley Fofana and Cheikhou Kouyate to break the Ramadan fast.

This is believed to be the first time in Premier League history that a game has been stopped to allow Muslim players to eat and drink in the middle of the game after sunset, in accordance with the rules of Ramadan.

It has always been possible under Premier League rules for a break in the game to occur if both team captains agree before the match.

However, the referees now want this to become a standard of pre-match discussion, similar to talks about whether each team will kneel down because of racism.

The Premier League is keen to ensure that every Muslim practitioner will be allowed the same opportunity in the upcoming evening matches during the month of Ramadan. / Telegraphy /

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