The Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson welcomes the decision of the Premier League clubs to leave the European Super League

The Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson has come out in support of the Premier League clubs, after their decision not to participate in the European Super League.

The European “big clubs” surprised the football world on Sunday night when they formalized the decision to form a European Super League.

12 clubs which included Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Juventus, Inter and Milan decided to establish the European Super League.

Following this announcement and the participation of six English clubs, one of the most vocal not to participate was the Prime Minister of the country, Boris Johnson, who thought that this would not serve football at all.

This decision lasted only two days, as the English clubs last night (Tuesday) announced each that they will not participate and already the new decision has been welcomed by Prime Minister Johnson.

“I welcome last night’s announcement. “This is the right result for football fans, clubs and the community across the country.”

“We must continue to defend our national game,” Johnson told the English media today (Wednesday).

Otherwise, today during the day is expected the announcement of Italian clubs to leave the idea of ​​organizing a European Super League. / Telegraphy /

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