The supercomputer predicts the final table of the Premier League after the latest results

A supercomputer has predicted that Manchester City will beat Liverpool in the race to win the Premier League title this season.

After a slow start, Pep Guardiola’s team has found their form and after a frightening series of consecutive victories, they are at the top of the table with one game less after 19 games played so far.

Well-known data collection site FiveThirtyEight, believes City will win their third Premier League trophy in five seasons under Guardiola.

Regarding the way they work their results, according to their official website, “each team has an offensive rating that represents the number of goals they are expected to score against an average team in a neutral field, and a defensive rating which represents the number of goals he is expected to concede “.

“These ratings, on the other hand, produce an overall IPS rating, which represents the percentage of points available. A win is worth 3 points, a draw worth 1 point and a loss worth 0 points.

Ignoring their algorithms, City will finish as champion in 85 points, with +53 goals difference.

If their predictions are correct, the current Liverpool winners will finish in second place, 12 points behind City and just two ahead of third-placed Manchester United.

After losing in the top four at the end of last season, Leicester City will secure Champions League football for the second time – with Tottenham and Chelsea remaining behind as expected.

Arsenal will close the season in tenth place, while West Brom, Sheffield United and Fulham are expected to move down to second category according to the data. / Telegraphy /

Final table

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